Sharp Knives. Bright Flashes.


The Front Bottoms - Mountain [x]

And I cried to her like I’ve known her my whole life.

Breakfast Huddies

After bringing my daughter to school, I skated my way to my best friend’s house. Never doing that again. HAHAHA!

Daughter’s too busy. Hahaha!

Scout & Nike. Korean Terno.

No, he’s not the father. :))

First photobomb of the year. Thanks MO! LOLOLOLOL!

New Year’s Eve Skate with Julian. :)

New Year’s Day All-Nighter.

At the train station with her imagination.

Slept over at Tao’s place the other night. I got sick and wasted a good movie night. MAN! But iz okay. Tawaw took care of me. Thank you! :D

I worry that strangers might take a peek through the aircon hole/windows by climbing them trees when you guys fool around at night(and during the day omg!) LOLOLOLOLOL!